We offer you IT-services, management of projects, personal services, cyber security, programing of mobile apps and service round blockchain-programing and smart contracts

Project development and project coordination

We plan your project with you from the first idea; and advise you on all measures necessary to carry out your project. From the concept of objectives to the necessary decisions and planning as well as cost control, we guide you through every step.

First, the project is initiated, thus creating the necessary conditions. In the second step, the concept begins, taking into account the cost-effectiveness and feasibility of the project, including a risk analysis and project coordination.

Personell Services - our team for you

You need a reinforcement of your team or you want to hire a complete development team ?

Use our service – whether for short, medium or long term use.

Our competent and experienced developers are always there for you !

Cyber Security - avoiding risks

Cyber ​​attacks can be everywhere – traveling, banking and shopping … your personal data, intellectual property, trade secrets and more are at risk.

A company can also suffer sabotage in the form of denial-of-service attacks. Here, methods such as flooding are used to disable systems and infrastructure.

A significant part of cybercrime remains undetected, especially industrial espionage, where access to confidential data could continue for years.

We’ll help you !

Personell Services - our team for you

You want to have an individually tailored mobile app for Android?

We carry out the planning for you, make the app (production) and take over the maintenance.

Even for very complex mobile apps for Android devices, we are your competent partner – everything tailored to your very specific wishes and needs.

Customer Care / Callcenter – Services / WEB-Servicecenter  

0 – 24h

Better Customer Loyality:

Whether it’s a customer care hotline, a technical hotline or a 24-hour web service – with our diverse service in all European languages, you can better serve your customers or gain new customers.
Rabb-iT offers you competent customer support for all business areas around the clock.

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Edvard Hojnik, Gesellschafter rabb-iT - IT-Dienstleistungen

The IT world today offers just about everything your heart desires. And nevertheless it is like a black hole, from which one always new, unprecedented inventions can conjure up. Some of them are worthless, some to play, some to love and some have what it takes to change the world and people. Our company has set itself the goal of producing worthless things. We work with love and enthusiasm not to change the world and people, but to offer them practical and useful things.

Edvard Hojnik

Shareholder, Rabb-iT