Custumer Care Callcenter Services Web-Service-Center 0-24 h

Better customer loyalty:

Whether it’s a customer care hotline or a technical hotline – with our diverse service in all European languages, you can better serve your customers or gain new customers.

Rabb-iT offers you competent customer support for all business areas around the clock..

Another advantage: Thanks to our Europe-wide networks, with RABB-IT you have only one point of contact for all European markets.

CustumorCare services:

  • Decentralized service centers provide support throughout the European area
  • High-quality and secure EDP and communication solutions
  • Offer to different hotlines (local numbers, 0800, 008800, allocation in the form 0800 * NAME_KUNDE * possible)
  • VOIP phone service
  • Central contract management
  • 99.9% security for uninterrupted service
  • Digital recordings for all incoming and outgoing calls
  • First Level Support / Off-duty Customer Service (24/7)
  • Emergency payments (AssistanceCard) for customers (POS-ATM)
  • Intelligent Emergency AssistanceCard